Products Safety


Ministry of Economy is in charge of all horizontal issues in the field of free movement of goods.

The coordination role in the field of technical regulations and quality infrastructure (standardisation, accreditation, metrology and conformity assessment) stems from the Law on Ministries. This law also stipulates that relevant ministries are to perform, within their competence, the public administration work relating to preparation, adoption, i.e. proposition of technical regulations.

The Law on Technical Requirements for Products and Conformity Assessment ("Official Gazette of the RS", No 36/09) is the legal basis for transposition of European directives, if prescribing of technical requirements and performing of conformity assessment procedures for products is not stipulated by special laws, but it also enables prescription of technical requirements in the field where  the harmonised regulations at EU level do not exist.

In case that technical regulations are not stipulated on the above grounds for particular products, the Law on General Product Safety ("Official Gazette of the RS", No 41/09) shall apply in terms of product safety on the market and in the course oftheir usage. This Law is substantially harmonized with the basic requirements of Directive 2001/95/EC on General Product Safety and it is fully in compliance with the requirements of Directive 87/357/EEC concerning the misleading products.