Regulations, directives and standards in one place

National regulations which refer to Serbian standards now can be found in one place - on the website of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia

Entrepreneurs, as users of regulations and standards, regulators, and others who want to be kept informed about the currently applicable national regulations in the Republic of Serbia, which contain references to the Serbian standards, now can find all information on the website of the Institute for Standardization of Serbia (

In addition to the complete list and text of European directives that are incorporated in national legislation and links to the standards to which they refer, now there is a list of nearly 250 regulations containing reference on the Serbian (SRPS) standards, with links to their texts.

In the next stage of improving the availability of information on technical regulations and standards ISS portal shall be connected with TEHNIS electronic databases and registers relating to technical regulations.

This base is very important because the competitiveness of Serbian companies is closely connected to their ability to reach compliance with the requirements of relevant technical regulations and standards i.e. to produce quality and safe products. Efficient and internationally recognized quality infrastructure system is a precondition for this. Serbia has established a network of institutions and organizations in the field of QI that serves to the Serbian industry. This has enabled entrepreneurs to meet market demands in terms of quality of goods, facilitate export of goods, and ensure consumers to purchase safe and quality products.

Serbia has harmonized most of the legislation, standards and technical regulations with EU legislation in this area. Until now, over 97 percent of the standard and about 75 percent of the technical regulations were transferred to Serbian system. This area in the negotiating process was rated as one of the most harmonized with the EU.