Fifth Balkan conference on standardization

Fifth Balkan conference on standardization on "Sustainability of national standards bodies was held In Belgrade, on 14th June 2016

The fifth Balkan conference on standardization on "Sustainability of national standards bodies" was held in Belgrade, with the participation of representatives from national standards bodies of eleven Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro.


EU legislation 1025/2012 was fully transferred to the Law on standardization and bylaws for its’ implementation, which is one of the last condition for full membership of the ISS in CEN and CENELEC. ISS submitted an application for full membership at the end of May, which was adopted by the CEN and CENELEC during the last Assembly, held a few days ago in Skopje - said Mr. Petrović.

Welcoming the participants and officially declaring the conference open, the acting Director of the Institute for standardization of Serbia, Mrs. Tatjana Bojanic, handed a letter of gratitude to Mr. Ljupco Davcev, Director General of the Institute for Standardization of the Republic of Macedonia.

Mrs. Dejana Milinkovic, President of the Assembly of the ISS, gave a presentation on cooperation between national standardization body and ISS managing structures.

The first round table on this subject was led by Mr. Ivan Krstić, Special Advisor to the Director ISS- a.


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