European Commission Experts Visit - Enhanced Permanent Dialog

Enhanced Permanent Dialogue and The European Commission representatives visit in order to assess the situation in the area of free movement of goods held from 23rd to 24th May of 2011.


The representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Directorate of Measures and Precious Metals, the Institute for Standardization and Accreditation Board of Serbia have presented the activities and results achieved in order to establish harmonized rules in the area of free movement of goods, at meeting with EC representatives held on 23 of  May 2011 (Enhanced Permanent Dialogue Meeting).

Presentation of the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development.

European Commission representatives have visited the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development and key quality infrastructure and market surveillance institutions on 24th and 25 May 2011.

The aim of the visit is the assessment of Serbian  legislation and institutional capacity regarding to implementation of  European rules in the area of  free movement of goods, in order to form opinions about the fulfillment of conditions for the obtaining the  candidate country status for the EU membership.

The visits have been very successful, and the representatives of  DG Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission have ensured in the high level of achieved results, in establishing institutional and legal framework for the smooth functioning the free movement of goods.