Supervisory Board and the Managing Board have been appointed

Supervisory Board and the Managing Board of te Accreditation Body of Serbia have been appointed.

At a government session held on 29 April 2011 Supervisory Board  and  New Managing Board of Accreditation Body of Serbia were appointed.

The Supervisory Board is the body that control legality of work and the financial operations of ATS and its work is supervised by the Managing Board.The Supervisory Board shall supervise the legality of work of the ATS, control authenticity and integrity of the report on the implementation of the work program, control the authenticity and integrity of financial reports and perform other obligations stipulated by law, Act on Establishment and the Statute of ATS.

Appointed Members of the Supervisory Board are:  Aleksandar Gajic,president, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade; Jovanka Lević, BSc. technology engineer, director of the Institute of Food Technology, University of Novi Sad and Biljana Tomic, Bachelor of Law, Head of Legal and General Affairs in ATS.

  Also, at the same session , the Government  resolved the Managing Board of ATS whose mandate has expired and the new Managing Board has been appointed. In Appoined members of Managing Board are: president Snjezana Pupavac, BSc. agricultural engineer, director of EKO-LAB Laboratory Quality Management ,Padinska Skela; Lazar Turubatovic, scientific advisor, Institute of Meat Hygiene and Technology, Belgrade; Zlatibor Savic, B. Sc. lawyer from Kragujevac, Nenad Spasović, BSc. Manager of Industrial Management, Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning, and Dr. Bratislav Milosevic, doctor of veterinary medicine, ATS.

The Managing Board decides on business policy and  monitor its implementation. Managing Board, among other things, adopts the statute, the work program , financial report and annual work report of the ATS, and decide on the usage of funds in accordance with the law, on the amount of accreditation fees, appoints and dismisses the Chairman and members of Council on Accreditation and performs other activities  stipulated by  the law and Act  on Establishemnt of the ATS