STRATEGY for QI Development

After the complete harmonization of horizontal legislation with European Union requirements, the Ministry of Finance and Economy started preparation of STRATEGY for QI Development, as a long-term development document for effective functioning of the Serbian quality infrastructure system.

Preparation of the Strategy is being implemented with the support of German development assistance through the GIZ ACCESS - Private Sector Development Programme in Serbia (, and in cooperation with all interested parties, including the ISS, ATS, DMDM and conformity assessment bodies, and on the other side of the economy associations and other industry associations as users of  testing and certification services.

Preparation of the Strategy is realized with technical support from German development assistance, through the GIZ ACCESS - Private Sector Development Programme in Serbia, including cooperation with all interested parties - quality infrastructure institutions (ISS, ATS, DMDM) and conformity assessment bodies on the one side, and ,on the other side, the economy (Chamber of Commerce, associations and other sectoral  associations),

Preparation of the Strategy includes implementation of comprehensive analysis of existing conditions in the functioning of the quality infrastructure, benchmarking with countries from the region and the European Union, and making recommendations on further activities required to achieve the ultimate goal - efficient functioning of the quality infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia.