Minister of Economy Goran Knežević visited the Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals with his associates

Minister of Economy, Goran Knežević, visited on September 27th, 2017, with associates Aleksandar Starčević, Radoje Savićević and Miodrag Dugandžija, Directorate for Measures and Precious Metals (DMDM).

The Minister visited laboratories for mass, length, large volumes, precious metals and electrical quantities, where he was informed in detail about the activities on maintenance, improvement and development of national standards, international projects in which DMDM ​​participates, as well as other tasks performed by DMDM.

V.d. Director of DMDM ​​Čedomir Belić pointed out that the development of metrology is of key importance, both to reduce losses and increase profits in the economy, and to increase the safety and security of products on the market, and that DMDM, as a national metrology institute, is one of the pillars of quality infrastructure in Serbia.

Minister Knežević expressed particular interest in inter-laboratory comparisons and the results achieved by DMDM ​​in them, as well as for the consistent application of legal control of measuring instruments, both in areas that are harmonized with EU legislation and in non-harmonized areas in accordance with national regulations.