Awards "Oscars Quality 2017"

The Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce, awarded the National Business Excellence Awards "Oscar Quality 2017". Awards were given on the occasion of marking the World Day of Quality and European Quality Week and with the support of the Ministry of Economy.

Opening the meeting, the Director of the PKS Industry Industry Miroslav Lutovac said that the Serbian Chamber of Commerce is a very active participant in all events related to the promotion of quality and business excellence.

Assistant Minister of Economy Aleksandar Starčević said that the event has full support from the Ministry of Economy and that this year's Forum is a quality place for exchange of experience and practice of the most successful businessmen.

"This is an opportunity to learn about the latest trends in the development of regulations, standards and techniques for their implementation. The Forum recognizes and rewards those who understand the importance of technical regulations and modern management standards and have achieved the best results in their business," said the Assistant Minister of Economy. Starčević stressed out that incentives are very important for the development of the economy, but without regulation and standards,  safety of consumers and product’s quality together with raising competitivenes, can not be ensured: "This Forum has continued a good tradition of creation business environment to which we aspire, "he said.

Chairman of the Expert Council of the Foundation for Quality Culture and Excellence Miloš Jelić said that we can all be proud that Oscar quality is the only national award for quality, that is, business excellence, which is being awarded in the Region of the Western Balkan.

The award was given to organizations that achieved excellent results in the competition for this year, in terms of improvement and development of quality and business excellence in Serbia.

This year, Petroleum Industry of Serbia, Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine "Novi Sad", PE "Roads of Serbia", Institute for pulmonary diseases of Vojvodina from Sremska Kamenica were awarded for the business excellence and quality, for the following areas - partnership and resources, processes, products and services, and the Institute for Standardization of Serbia for partnership and resources, processes, products and services.