Safety of children's playgrounds

The Ministry of Economy is currently working od Draft Rulebook on safety of the children's playgrounds

The playgrounds that do not meet the standards exist, so the question arises - who is responsible for the safety of the playgrounds and whether the Law on Product Safety regulates this area clearly enough. Also the investors, in some cases, install inappropriate material in order to make it cheaper.

"When an accident hapened,than most of us are getting up. This is nothing more expensive, it is made of natural wood materials with the aim to be adapted to the children, there are no sharp edges, it is easy to maintain.We think that local governments will have no problem providing funds" , says Aleksandar Starčević from the Sector for Quality and product Safety within the Ministry of Economy.

The Rulebook will be binding. In addition to contributing to the playground being a safer place to play, it will finally be known who is in charge of maintenance and repairs, but also who is responsible if the child is injured because of a failure.

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