Second International Exsperts Conference "The play in the open space"

Assistant Minister of Economy Aleksandar Starčević said that he expects that the final version of the Rulebook on the Safety of Children's Playgrounds, proposed by the Ministry of Economy, will be completed in May.

" The safety of children is at the forefront and a key interest for society, therefore it is important that this field be arranged in a precise, clear and concise manner," Starčević pointed out by opening the II International Conference "The play in the open space".

The goal of this document, as he explained, is that after his adoption, the maximum safety of children on the playgrounds is achieved without restriction of their independence, creativity and self-expression.

The Rulebook will apply to all playgrounds for public use, including playgrounds that are already in use.

"No matter when the equipment is purchased and installed, it must always be safe," explains Starčević.

The Ministry of Economy, according to Starčević, decided to start activities on the drafting of the Rulebook after a series of events that showed that the safety of children on the playgrounds was not at the highest level.

Childrens playground equipment is currently regulated by the provisions of the Law on General Product Safety, and in the Rulebook on the Safety of Playgrounds will prescribe what kind of equipment the children should play, the backing and all supporting elements in order to minimize the possibility of injury.

According to him, it is imperative to see how this area is regulated in other countries, especially in the EU countries, and that a rulebook in line with European standards is adopted.

The international conference is organized by the Association of Landscape Architects of Serbia, with the sponsorship of the Ministry of Economy.