Training on the implementation of the Rulebook on the safety of children's playgrounds

The Ministry of Economy has adopted a new technical regulation aimed at regulating the field of children's playgrounds in open space, which enforcements started on November 23 rd, 2018.

The Rulebook on the safety of children's playgrounds prescribes essential requirements for the protection of health and safety related to the necessary areas and equipment for public playgrounds, as well as other requirements and conditions that must be fulfilled when using children's playgrounds.

On this occasion, the Ministry of Economy, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, organizes trainings aimed at raising the awareness of business entities, competent authorities and other stakeholders applying the Rulebook on the safety of children's playgrounds.

In December, trainings were held in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Subotica, Kraljevo, Valjevo and Zaječar. In January and February, trainings were organized in Niš, Leskovac, Užice, Kragujevac and Sremska Mitrovica.

The aim of the training is to present the essential requirements of the Rulebook and to provide interested parties with information on who and how they perform conformity assessment for playgrounds equipment and the playground as a whole; to familiarize listeners with documents and markings of conformity, with the contents of the information board, as well as to clearly define the obligations of the owners of children's playgrounds.

The training is intended for all those involved in the process of maintenance, procurement, design, construction of children's playgrounds in the open space; manufacturers, importers and distributors of children's playground equipment; representatives of local self-governments; utility companies or other competent institutions that perform the tasks of arranging and maintaining existing children's playgrounds; for owners of private kindergartens, directors of state kindergartens; owners of gas stations, catering facilities and other potentially interested parties.