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New Regulation on certain legal measuring units

The Government of Serbia, on its Session from 9th June 2011, passed a Regulation on certain legal measuring units ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 43/11). Decree entered into force on 22th June 2011.


This Regulation regulates legal measurement units and how they can be used, other than units covered by the International System of Units (Systeme International d'Units, SI), which can be used in the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with the Law on Metrology ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 30/10).
Appendix - The legal measurement units, is an integral part of this Regulation, lists all units that could be used in the Republic of Serbia.
Legal measurement units must be used when using measuring instruments, or presenting quantities in appropriate units.
The provisions of this regulation shall not apply to measurement units used in air, water and rail transport, which are different from those whose application is required under this regulation, if the use of such units is stipulated by international conventions and agreements.
This Regulation fully transposes the Directive 80/181/EEC consolidated in 1980, with the last amendment (Directive 2009/3/EC) from 2009. 

Text of Regulation (in Serbian language only)