Legislative News

Rulebook on fixed tanks

The Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia, No. 50/19 of 12 rd July 2019, published the Rulebook on fixed tanks.

This Rulebook shall enter into force on 20 th, July 2019.

The Rulebook on fixed tanks specifies the requirements and marking for fixed tanks, the manner of determining the fulfillment of these requirements, the characteristics of the equipment for determining the fulfillment of the requirements, the methods of measurement, the contents of the test results respectively measurement results, as well as the manner and conditions of certification of the tanks.

The laid cylindrical tanks, with a nominal volume of up to 100 m3, shall be verified by volumetric method in accordance with the Regulation on metrological conditions for laid cylindrical tanks (Official Gazette of the SFRY, No. 26/81) by 31 st, December 2020. at the latest.