This area is regulated by the Rulebook  on Requirements for Particle Boards ("Official Gazette of RS" No. 101/16). This Rulebook prescribes technical and other requirements that must be fulfilled for the placement of particle boards and OSB board for general purpose, conformity assessment procedure, requirements to be met by the conformity assessment body, the type and content of the document and the mark of conformity.

Namely, the Order on Compulsory Attestation of Particle Boards for General Use and Construction ("Official Gazette of SFRY", No. 61/83), which, among other things, regulated particle boards for general use, was repealed in February 2016, because contained obsolete, inconsistent and too detailed technical-technological solutions and rules that represented unnecessary restrictions and burdens for both manufacturers and importers. After the the repealing, analyzes were conducted and a number of meetings with relevant companies were held, where it was established that a large number of unsafe and non-quality particle boards for general purpose are delivered on the market of the Republic of Serbia.

Taking into account the above mentioned, the Ministry of Economy has drafted a new Proposal of Rulebook on requirements for particle boards.

The drafting of the Rulebook took into account the latest technical and technological solutions, that is, the latest technologies for making particle boards and OSB boards that can be adapted by the economic entities in the Republic of Serbia, as well as the latest versions of the standards from the field that the Institute for Standardization of Serbia assumed as regular activity harmonization with European standards, with the aim of putting technologically advanced, quality and safer products on the market of the Republic of Serbia.