This area has been regulated by the Rulebook on Technical and Other requirements for the  roller bearings (Official Gazette of RS, No. 98/16). This Rulebook prescribes technical and other requirements that must be met for placing roller bearings on the market, conformity assessment procedures, requirements to be met by the conformity assessment body, type and content of the document and mark of conformity.

This concept of the rulebook differs from the concept of the Order on the Mandatory Atestation of Roller Bearings ("Official Gazette of the SFRY", No. 62/83, 85/87, Official Gazette of the FRY, No. 12/93 and 68/93), which contained outdated, non-consistent and too detailed technical-technological solutions and rules that represented unnecessary limitations and loads for both the manufacturer and the importer. The Order on the mandatory attestation of roller bearings also refered to outdated standards requirements forroller bearings that have been overcome by the technological development or the new technology of making these products.

Bearing in mind the new manufacturing technology of roller bearings that can be adjusted by the economic entities in the Republic of Serbia, and that the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, as a regular activity, took over the latest versions of the standards from the mentioned area, it has been recognized that it is appropriate to amend the existing regulations in this field , in order to put on the market of the Republic of Serbia better quality, technologically advanced products, which satisfy the requirements of the manufacturers of equipment, machines and devices, vehicles, etc., and thus achieves safety the final product. Namely, non-quality and unsafe products that are placed on the market in the Republic of Serbia, which are not adequately controlled, cause great losses to the economy of the Republic of Serbia.