A product is prepacked when it is placed in a package of whatever nature without the purchaser being present and the quantity of product contained in the package has a predetermined value and cannot be altered without the package either being opened or undergoing a perceptible modification.

Bottles are the measuring containers, that are made of glass or any other substance having such rigidity and stability that it offers thesame metrological guarantees as glass.

This field is governed by the Rulebook on prepacked products, which was published in “Official Gazette of the RS”, No 17/13 and 16/16. This Rulebook is fully harmonised with all the principles and requirements of Directive 76/211/EEC of the Council of 23 January 1976 on making-up by weight or by volume of certain prepackaged products, and amended with Directives 78/891/EEC, 2007/45/EC and Directive 75/107/EEC of the Council of 19. december 1974 on bottles used as measuring containers.

Amendment of Rulebook

At the initiative of the stakeholders, the Rulebook was modified, in order to allow the producers of alcoholic beverages to pack their products in bottles with a nominal amount of 750 ml, since such packaging is present in a large number of producers in the Republic of Serbia that its products are exported to markets outside the EU.